Role Play Convention 2015

Just added a new gallery. Have a look here: Role Play Convention 2015

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New Photos: NGHFB and Roxette

I’ve been to a lot of concerts the last months. And because I like to share my impressions, here are a few photos of two of those concerts.

img_20150316_212117In March I’ve been to Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds in Berlin. It was fantastic. Have a look at the Gallery here: NGHFB – Berlin

And recently I’ve seen Roxette in Hamburg. The 30th Anniversary Tour. Great! Really Great! Second row, and my Blackberry did its best to save me a few great memories. Find the Gallery here: Roxette – Hamburg

And if you like to watch a few short Videos from those concerts, have a look at my YouTube-Channel.

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What a year…

The year is almost over… and it was a fantastic year!

The Role Play Convention in Cologne, the reunite of the Libertines and my first visit to Berlin to see them live, (sadly) the last show of LostAlone – it’s a shame to see them split after all this years -… countless great movies, feel like a long-stay guest at the cinema… and last but not least, and maybe most important, the wonderful get-togethers with friends all through the year. A fantastic year!

But I am sure that the next year will be as fantastic as well, maybe more… So many plans are made:
„The Phantom of the Opera“ in January (for the 3rd time)…
Carl Barât and the Jackals in February – can’t wait to hear their first Album and see them live…
Another trip to Berlin to see Noel Gallagher’s Highflying Birds in March…
Silverstein l...

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Pics Berlin #2 – East Side Gallery


(Click image to open gallery)

The East Side Gallery is a 1.3 km long remains of the Berlin Wall and possibly the largest and long-lasting open air gallery in the world. The paintings on the wall are amazing! But it’s not only the art that impressed me, I also loved all the little writings from visitors. It goes from humble greetings to meaningful quotes, from funny patter to beautiful poems to little sketches…  I needed almost 2 hours to walk this route. And you should also bring a little time if you want to have a look at my gallery – it includes almost 400 photos. But if you like street art and you can’t manage to go to Berlin, it’s worth it. ;)

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LostAlone live in Hamburg (or saying goodbye)

The Astra Stube in Hamburg is definitely the tiniest venue I have ever been for a gig.  The crowd was not more than 30 people, I guess. But that made this night a very special one. It felt like a very private concert for very special fans – us ;) – it was familiar and intimate, really, really great and I enjoyed it a lot.

IMG_20141021_222113I am happy that I was there for that was the very last concert that LostAlone will play in Hamburg. They will break up at the end of the year, their final show will be in December in their hometown Derby and I wish I could be there.

After more than seven years enjoying their music it really makes me sad to see them go...

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