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New Photos- Nickelback

IMG_20160924_214716(German only)

Gestern abend war ich auf ’nem Nickelback Konzert. Ich muss gestehen, ich bin kein riesen Fan, ich kenne bloß die Songs, die so im Radio gespielt werden… aber das Konzert war echt großartig! Die Jungs sind echt witzig, die Songs sind super zum Mitsingen…es hat Spaß gemacht… auch wenn wir „bloß“ oben saßen. (normalerweise findet man mich bei Konzerten immer im Innenraum ;))

Hier findet ihr ein paar Fotos vom Konzert: Nickelback
Alternativ findet ihr die Gallerie oben im Menü unter „Photos Events“, oder ihr klickt einfach rechts auf das Bild :)

Außerdem gibt’s ein paar Videos zu sehen in meinem YouTube-Account
Die Bildqualität ist nicht ganz so super, aber der Ton ist gut :D wenn ihr Lust habt, schaut sie euch an…

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LostAlone live in Hamburg (or saying goodbye)

The Astra Stube in Hamburg is definitely the tiniest venue I have ever been for a gig.  The crowd was not more than 30 people, I guess. But that made this night a very special one. It felt like a very private concert for very special fans – us ;) – it was familiar and intimate, really, really great and I enjoyed it a lot.

IMG_20141021_222113I am happy that I was there for that was the very last concert that LostAlone will play in Hamburg. They will break up at the end of the year, their final show will be in December in their hometown Derby and I wish I could be there.

After more than seven years enjoying their music it really makes me sad to see them go...

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Libertines live in Berlin 04.10.2014

I was in Berlin last weekend, mainly to see „The Libertines“ live at the Berlin Arena. But because of the Day of German Unity on Friday – which means no work for me this day ;) – and because I’ve never been to Berlin before, I decided to spend the whole long weekend in our capital city.

So, the photos I took of Berlin will be shown up here in a few days. I made over 1500 pics and I really have to sort them out, before I put them online ;)
Up to that time you can have a look at the few photos I took from the show of the Libertines. But beware: the quality is… not well, to put it charitably. I had only my Handy and I was standing among a jumping and yelling crowd. But hey, the quality may be bad – the memory is perfect :)

Have a look here: Libertines live in Berlin

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